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Flat or Wrap When Preparing Anterior Teeth?

Learn more about preparing teeth for ceramic veneers.

| 14 hours ago

5 Steps To Modifying Shade For Provisional Restorations

Inadequate shade is a common esthetic dilemma when it comes to provisional restorations. Dr. Bob Winter explains how to adjust that with proper glazing...

| 1 week ago

Troubleshooting Improperly Aligned Photographs of the Dental Patient

Angles and perspective are everything when it comes to taking the best clinical photos for accurate and efficient treatment planning.

| 4 weeks ago

Composing Photographs: Capturing the Correct Perspective

This article offers a detailed guide to capturing the clearest and most effective perspectives when composing patient photographs.

| 2 months ago

My Favorite Photograph: It Tells the Whole Story (Almost)

This article discusses characteristics of great clinical patient photography that will increase case success, improve treatment planning and aid in diagnosis.

| 5 months ago

Demanding Dental Patients Versus Those with a Psychiatric Disorder: Part I

It can be tricky to tell whether a challenging patient is simply demanding or has a psychiatric disorder. In part 1, Dr. Bob Winter discusses how to...

| 6 months ago

Alter the Esthetic Appearance of Incisal Thirds in 6 Steps

These six steps will help you more easily increase the value or decrease the translucency in the incisal third.

| 7 months ago

How to Fix Bridge Pontics that Don't Match the Value of the Abutments

Seven steps to problem solving esthetic dilemmas with provisional pontics.

| 8 months ago

The Pieces of the Puzzle: Technical Steps to Produce a Diagnostic Wax-Up

Know how a dental lab technician produces a diagnostic wax-up so you can better treatment plan.

| 9 months ago

A Simplified Process for Bonding e.max and Other Glass Ceramic Restorations

Here's an easy four-step process to achieve an optimal bond to your e.max.

| 10 months ago

Build a Better Treatment Plan: Phasing Restorative Procedures Over Time

Treatment planning is an essential component of clinical practice. While some cases can be completed in one or two visits, there are several reasons...

| 11 months ago

Posterior Full-contour Zirconia Crowns: Preparation Design

One significant advantage of this restoration is that the preparation can be more conservative than other all-ceramic or even metal-ceramic restorations,...

| 11 months ago